Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Legal Aid Action – Update

As you may be aware, we have taken action in response to the recent cuts to criminal legal aid and the further cuts due next year. Please see our announcement here.

The Government has so far failed to recognise the vital role that small businesses play in bolstering the Economy. Imposing further legal aid cuts at a time when overheads continue to rise is catastrophic for small firms and undoubtedly will have an impact upon the public accessing Justice. 

We are grateful to our Regional colleagues for the great leadership they have shown in temporarily putting their immediate interests aside in an attempt to encourage dialogue with the Justice Secretary. We hold a similar aim. However we accept that London is a vastly different climate and recognise that the economic conditions here are dire.

As a result, we are presently suspending our adoption of The Crown Court protocol. This suspension will continue pending further discussion with our colleagues in London and will be reviewed regularly.

We thank our Clients and our Staff for the support they have shown over the last 10 days.    


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