Thursday, 24 April 2014

The London Legal Walk

Monday 19 May at 5.30pm, Royal Courts of Justice

On Monday, 19 May, team Wainwright & Cummins will be taking part in the London Legal Walk for the fourth year in a row.

The London Legal Walk is a 10K sponsored walk that aims to raise funds for charities that provide free legal advice. With recent substantial cuts to legal aid, ever-increasing numbers are unable to obtain legal representation and left to fend for themselves. This makes the work of legal advice charities absolutely vital – and they need all the support they can get.

Please help the cause of providing free legal advice to those who need it by clicking here and sponsoring us for the walk. Our goal is to raise at least £1000 this year and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Better still, come and join us on the walk and help raise money for this very good cause!!

Please contact Danielle Reid if you require any further information or would like to join the Wainwright & Cummins team.

                         Wainwright & Cummins at the London Legal Walk, 2013


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