Thursday, 2 June 2016


Wainwright & Cummins has been experiencing a blizzard of audits over the last few months. We have been examined inside out, backwards, upside down, and side to side. Every area of practice has been scrutinised, from family to housing to criminal and prison law. Auditors have looked at closed files, open files, personnel records, financial accounts, insurance details, training records, firm policies and everything else they could think of. And it’s not over yet! We have yet another audit coming up in the next few weeks. You could be forgiven for thinking that the firm exists mainly in order to be scrutinised by a wide variety of regulators, agencies, managers, and other bodies.
In fact we are focusing on remembering that we actually exist to serve our clients and support our community; and in amongst the endless checks, we are continuing to do what we do best. But clients can be reassured by the outcome of these unending audits – we are clearly working to a high standard!


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