Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Different Side of Brexit

The outcome of the EU referendum on 24th June has had a significant impact on British society in many ways. The value of the pound has dropped significantly; the economy has been negatively impacted, with a recession looking likely; and there has been an increase in reported hate crimes and racism.

Historically, Britain has been discreet in its disadvantaging of minorities or immigrants; for example, new rules were frequently introduced to make it harder for someone to obtain British citizenship or even a visa, and new legislation has been implemented to make it harder for people to find homes. We have yet to see the impact of the election of a new Mayor of London, who promises more affordable homes and better standards of living for working people. Meanwhile, the wealthy become wealthier and the gap between rich and poor widens.

The outcome of the referendum certainly gave those who have kept quiet during all these years an opportunity to speak out. Although many issues were discussed during the campaign, including the economy and the question of British sovereignty over our own laws, it is undoubtedly the case that for many of those who voted out of the EU, immigration was the issue that concerned them the most.
It is believed by some that the outcome of the referendum has paved the way for increases in hate crime and racial abuse – it is certainly the case that these offences are now being more widely reported, and numbers of reported cases are increasing. Whether this demonstrates a rise in hate crime or racial abuse in absolute terms is difficult to say definitively, but it is certainly persuasive evidence.

Could this just be classified as freedom of speech? To openly hate those who come from different backgrounds and different cultures – but if somebody’s “free speech” involves the act of dehumanising of others, and inciting violence against them, it is simply a hate crime. So is Britain way more divided than we thought?

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