Friday, 4 July 2014

Cycling from London to Paris: Fundraising to Help the Homeless

On 21st July 2014, Sebastian Peattie from the Wainwright & Cummins’ Housing Department will be cycling his way from London to Paris in support of people suffering from homelessness. This is a yearly event run by The Big Issue and it is their biggest fundraiser to date. See for further details or to sign yourself up!
This is not a light undertaking and there is a grueling itinerary that Sebastian will have to stick to. Day one starts early morning on Thursday 21st July, leaving Twickenham and making the 70 mile journey down to Portsmouth in time for a well earned sleep! Day two starts bright and early again with a ferry crossing to Caen in France and then the 80 mile cycle begins to Evreux. Day three sees the cyclists on the final 62 mile leg of their journey with an early morning cycle ride from Evreux to Paris. Finally, day four in the schedule allows for some time to relax in the surroundings of Paris before catching a much more comfortable train journey back to London.

Thankfully, Sebastian will not be cycling solo in this venture and will have the company of some 50 others cycling alongside him. This is not Sebastian’s first time on such a long trek. In 2011 he completed the event along with nearly 150 other volunteers, and with a former colleague, Anna Kouma from Duncan Lewis.

As you may have guessed, Sebastian is passionate about supporting and fundraising for causes that impact upon society and our local communities. Both his work within our Housing legal team and his fundraising for The Big Issue demonstrate his drive to fight for and support people suffering from homelessness, helping them get back on their feet and into stable and secure accommodation.

Please help support Sebastian in supporting these vulnerable members of our communities and sponsor him on this grueling ride by donating here:


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